Friday, 11 May 2007

Answers to all your Qs

Well am pretty sure, a lot of you ( ok make that whoever knows about me and my shift) must have some Q's. So I will try and think of all the Q's you may possibly have and answer them.

Q) So Hows Blore?

A) Well, its like how its always been. Its not so hot or humid, but they do have a restriction on smoking on the company premises, so every single time I need a smoke, i need to walk for 4 mins and 37 sec to reach a place where I can smoke. And I need just 3 mins to finish a cancer stick.

Q) Hows work?

A) Well suprisingly, the only thing which has changed is the job timings. I still orkut and gtalk the 40 hours a week. The bonus is that I get to travel on a all expense paid trips to all the places dad did not get posted to. I will be leaving to Bhopal this saturday or sunday.

Q) Where am I staying now?

A) Staying in this place called Indira Nagar ( people consider that to be posh but i have seen nothing that suggests anything to do with the beckham's ) Its 2 bedroom apartment. And the best part is that its got a bloody washing machine, an ironing board with the iron. And a small balcony for me to enjoy my early morning breeze and smoke.

Q) Did I get any action/Laid?

A) I did get action whole load of it. ;) Laid? ( evil smug grin... ; ) ) Am not even gonna dignify that Q. ;D

Q) How is the party scene in Banglore?

A) Well it's just been a single day since I have stepped foot in banglore. And I already had to manage a drunk girl and get back to her place. ;) . The best part. It was a bloody weekday.

Q) Am liking the place?

A) Hell! Am loving it.

The best thing I love about this place is the fact that I can talk in hindi. Beautiful. Trust me, I have never had this much fun even when I was with any girl than the sheer joy of trading abuses on the road. And trying to up the other fellow in the creative usage of family, body parts and sexual activities. The connections are just brilliant.

On the whole am enjoying myself. Enjoying the star treatment, the respect you get and the fun you have.

ps: when in blore and you are guy, stand next to a girl who is having red wine. The results are awesome. If you know what I mean. ;)


Ria said...


seems like the only glitch uve... is that u gotta wash ur own clothes...and iron 'em...

Zennmaster said...

did I mention there is a washing machine in my apt. Ironing yea... I gotta do that... no worries... life aint a bed of roses you know...

Solipsista said...
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Anonymous said... am craking up...u senile goat.. luks like the loony blues are geting to u boyyy..wake up...luks like i ve gotta rescue urr sowwyy ass b4 its too i come ;)....