Friday, 6 April 2007

Tattoo anyone???

Yes, thats a tattoo, and yes it most definitely is on my body part the last time I checked when I took a bath...( erm... that would be today morning ) ( ok and now you may close your mouth, I have been taking bath quite often that too on a regular frequency, so shut up and change the expression from the look of suprise to something more _____ jus fill in the blanks )

Anyway, I noticed that people no longer notice the excessive smoking or the stream of holy scriptures i spew at the drop of a hat, which gives Eminem a run for his money ( Hey! I din say i rhyme, though i did give it a shot, but that's a totally different story )

Anyway for all you people who are wondering which part of my body it is, and am just answering this Question to appease all you horny perverts out there. It's on my forearm.

Did somebody just wet their pants? Yea! I think so, cause a lot of women think a tattoo is " oh so cool" " so sexy" and I just feel like taking out my ________ ( just fill in the blanks with whatever ammo Arnold uses to blow up people in Commando ) and blowing the females brains off, actually a tooth-pick should be enough to do the intended damage for brains that small.

I mean I don't have anything against women, no seriously I love women, like all men, i love everything about them, but its just the dumb cheerleader ones I cant seem to stand, and the are couple of reasons for that, I mean these women know they look good, but they act like they don't know that they are smart looking, and always look for ways to fish for compliments, by degrading themselves. I mean i love the "hot-librarian" kinda women, the plain jane types. The ones who hide behind their glasses, have an uneven set of teeth, covers her body in drab cloths, but is confident enough not to rush to the wherever women go at the sight of a broken nail.

For me beauty lies in imperfection, call me a weird ass, but yea! anyway, off-late the women who I think like me, actually don like me, they like my tattoo. And I get miffed, cause they wanna get a tattoo too, I gotta then field a barrage of questions like does it hurt? how much did it cost? and other related questions, interspersed by ohhs and ahhs " this looks so cool ".

So this brings me to another set of Clarifications:

1. I did not get this tattoo because its Oh! so Cool!, i got this for reasons very close to me.

2. Its in Mexican-spanish.

3. It reads as " Me ves, Y Sufres ". And no am not gonna tell you what it means, tell it very few people who I think mean something to me.

4.And no I did not experience pain when this was getting done, on the contrary i was bored after the initial excitement died down after the first 12 mins.

5. Yes I am planning to get some more done, but haven got something which means to me, Tattoos for me are not just body art, like piercings, they are statements am making about me, at times to remind myself about the way things have turned out for me.

6. I believe you should go get a tattoo, not for the cool factor, but because it should mean something to you for the rest of your life, it is gonna stay with you for the rest of your life, atleast get the first tattoo which means something special to you, cause its your first tattoo you dumb fuck wits.

7. And if you are really worried about pain then tattoos aint worth it for you, and yes for all you pansy asses, tattoo causes you to bleed and if the sight of blood causes nausea like some of the sorry asses I know, then tattoo just aint your thing mate.

ps: further Qs about tattoos feel free to ask them, even if they are stupid, just make sure you make sound intelligent. Cause if they are dumb I aint gonna bother acknowledging its presence.


Ria said...

Miami Ink true

Zennmaster said...

Wats miami ink slogan anyway??? o.0

Ria said...

Miami ink is this show on TLC that says that tattoos mean alot more than "ooh, thatz so _____"

tattoos should be special, a product of some life-changin experience... as u say...the show basically talks abt such experiences... etc etc

Zennmaster said...

my point exactly... why cant ppl get their own lines... bloody copycats...

General Disarray said...

Isn't getting a tattoo a life-changing experience in itself?

Someone should get a tattoo that says "Now I'm cool" or something :P

Ria said...


err..right! ;D

Zennmaster said...

@ GD

now thats the fast fwd option to having your name enrolled in the wannabe hall of fame...