Thursday, 5 April 2007

Should I???

Ok, its suprising enough that there are people who actually find time to read this blog, though these are handful in #, what is even more suprising is the fact that there have been shouts for me to take up writing seriously.

But the question is should I do something like that?

I think not, for me writing is all about having fun, and so are all the things which I love doing, whether its musing about the non-linear dynamics, hanging out with friends, sarging, its all about having fun. But when somebody starts expecting me to do something, there are expectations bound to it, and these maybe voiced implicitly or explicitly. And as Buddha says " A man's suffering arises from 2 things and 2 things only, Ignorance and Greed". Which I total agree with.

Though there are people who don't get the full implications of this profound statement, their argument being, " where does a person suffering from a terminal ill-ness figure in any of this ? ". Well its simple ain't it. A person will suffer if ain't gonna take charge of what is happening and goes into a state of denial about his condition, he gets greedy in wanting to live a life little bit more, and thereby starts his journey into pain and suffering. But if he equips himself with the knowledge about what is in store for him, he is invariably preparing himself mentally for the physical pain he has to endure.

For me everything has to be fun, if ain't having fun, am gonna be looking to force upon things to have fun. And its common sense that when you are begin to start expecting things, you are setting up yourself for the fall. Though this is something which I consider to be fundamentally wrong with me, I still consider myself a whole lot better than people, who have to do work and talk about having fun later on. They always tend to think in either black or white, there ain't no caliberation which lies in the gray area.

Like in one of my earlier post, I mentioned that some people who suffer from constipation as a bloody pain in the ass ( pun intended ), and I do suffer from it, ie when I don get my morning drag at the ever beautiful cancer stick and my pepsi. But for me its more like a fun game, as in trying to out-guess myself if am gonna get a call from nature today or not? and if its today around what time she is gonna call? ( yea I know am a gross sonofagun) =)

So coming back to the core of everything. The Pursuit of happiness, it lies in having fun, while chasing your dreams. The only song which is running in my head is the ever popular " Papa Kehte Hain ". True there are a lot of people out there who expect me to do certain things, but am not sure if I wanna do all those things myself. I mean sure I wanna earn a lots of moolah, get a fine looking arm candy who more than tastes sweet, she is also rock solid, a nice looking house, a super fast ultra classy car, a wardrobe to die for. I mean sure I have the list of things I wanna have, and till recently I had no idea how to get all these. But thanks to 2 people now I do. And am bloody hell enjoying it.

I don't actually wanna write a book, a column or anything of that sort, talking about the funda's in life I have. Cause as somebody mentioned a single book or column won't be enough. But what I wanna do is that after a decade or so, publish some sorta memoir, or even better do an auto-biography, which i would later make into a movie. Sounds fabulous doesn't it. But like somebody I know said, good things happen to those who wait. All you people ( esp those hordes of screaming women ) will have to keep calm, untie their panties from the knots they been tying. And have a bit of patience, this coming from a guy who believes patience is for losers is probably the most hypocritical statement I have made all week long, actually all month long.

So stay tuned, will be back with more gross stuff to talk about.

ps: I believe its the funny shit women wanna read about. And nothing massages a man's ego than a women's undulated love and affection. So feel free to drop in the kinda of topics you wanna read about and am sure I will manage to put in a twist, which has become so me. ( Ok, I really donno wat the last statement means but, it sounds good... =p )


General Disarray said...

And as my English teacher used to say, " A reader's suffering arises from two things only - bad punctuation and misspelling."


Zennmaster said...

almost the same thing aren't they?

General Disarray said...

Hell no! They are most definitely not the same thing!

Zennmaster said...

hehehe... ignorance is bliss... :D

ps: wonder why they call tat when man's suffering comes from lack of knowledge?

General Disarray said...

Says who?

Ignorance, my dear friend, is bliss. :)

Zennmaster said...

i spelled ignorance correct only no... o.0