Thursday, 5 April 2007


I have been told that there does exist a funny bone in my body, and it lies below my belt. Anyway for all the people who seriously don find any work to do, or generally don treat work as god ( fine, i agree not everybody can be me, but still... =p ) . There was a time when we guys used to write essays about " Television being a boon or a bane ". Am sure the next generation, ( I wonder which generation I belong to though ) will be writing " Orkut: boon or bane? " .

No I mean seriously, its an addiction, I wanna be flooded with scraps, which do not feature here:

" hi... ssup? "
" wat you doing da? hows life?"
"long time no see "

Though unlike women who don't wanna see a scrap saying " can I have phrandsheep with you? " or " nice pic, can v be frnds? ". I would love to see something like that from a women. Let me make it clear I have mentioned women, as in the female species and do not want fags to be scrapping me.

But i don't believe the majority of the people down in orkut get the funda of scraps and scrapping. Am sure back in school or even in college, there was the funda of "passing chits". Where funny liners about the sweat spots under the lecturers arms used to induce you to run a laughter track in your head and provoke you to think something more funny than what you have just read. And this was even more funny when you are forbidden to make any sounds, leave alone laughter. ( makes me wonder, when you have pin drop silence, how loud will a fart sound, and how many lives will be lost due to the sound effects alone).

I mean when you have a noisy classroom, you can always let go a stealth bomb, which is detected only by somebodies sharp nose, which picks up the smell way before than somebody else, and that person usually gets the blame because people figure that the person who points the finger first has something to hide. But imagine, if you have a classroom as silent as a bunch of students practicing the ideas of Satyvadi HarishChandra in an examination hall, and one of them lets go of a loud one. That would be fun... =)

Anyway coming back to scraps, they follow the same funda as that of passing chits. But the only thing which orkut forgot to add in was that of privacy, irrespective of whether you know me or not, you can always read my scraps and be in the loop of what somebody and me spoke about. Not that you will get to see what the other person spoke, cause I delete all my scraps. That's another way to kill time, deleting scraps and keeping your scrap book neat and tidy.

I think they should implement privacy, as in the person who is passing the chits has the option of reading whats in it or simply pass it along if the sender doesn't want you to read it. So what am saying is, let the option be there that only mutual friends between 2 people may get to read the scraps, and the that too the sender has an option for certain scraps to be read only for the intended person.

I understand that a lot of people derive pleasure from playing peep-tom. I don't understand the concept of role-playing though. ( somebody, preferably a women who loves role-playing get in touch with me to help me understand the nuances of role-playing ;) ) . And you might even say that if you want privacy you have e-mails and you can send messages via-orkut itself. But like I said, whatever floats your boat sweetie. Am just saying. Those were my $.02.


Gayatri said...

Hmm.. :) True.. Orkut IS an addiction.. but it's also a very good boredom buster..

I love the way u deviate from the said topic.. "orkut" and moved on to farting and chit passing.. :p

And as for the privacy thing on orkut.. yes ABSOLUTELY..! they SHOULD implement it.. :)

They should give us users the option of selecting a few scraps and making sure that 'certain people' dont read it.. And 'certain others' can.. [because sometimes you want some people to see what u're talking about.. ;) ]

And hey i LOVE making online friends.. so scrap me sometime.. :p just dont say 'can i do fraainship with u'

Zennmaster said...

well if orkut does implement that then i better get paid for it.

General Disarray said...

Orkut may not have it, but I believe facebook does, as you undoubtedly will discover in the days to come!

Zennmaster said...

actually i did... and was thinking the same thing... groovy i say... =P

but still i donno think it will take me sometime to get used to the interfqce down at facebook...