Tuesday, 17 April 2007

New Signs... For Urinals!

Yes, my fascination with loo's and shit still continues. =)

I was just wondering the futility of bathroom signs. This is the normal conventional signs you see in any restroom. And what stuck me was the fact, how irrelevant and obsolete these signs are anyway. I mean there are an increasing # of women who prefer wearing pants, and men who wanna cross dress ( and no I do not feature in that ). I mean seriously, the other sign featuring men with facial hair and short hair. But then again, if women esp in engg. colleges are any indication to go by, and with men trying to be metro-sexual ( read gay) then even those signs are gone for a toss. I mean the presence of dress/ hair does no longer signify women or the absence signify men.

So how should the new urinal signs look like? What criterion should they be designed on? Definitely not on the cultural stereotypes. Well if you ask a pervert like me, I will most definitely say it should be designed on "Equipment".

But then again, the challenge for the designer is not in drawing the "equipment" but in getting past the censor boards, because they most definitely will be a rage among perverts like me, and the best hangout spot will be outside the Loo, where ( i donno about others ) I will be standing and pointing at it and laughing my not so well formed ass off. And because of that the restrooms in India esp will get a makeover since they are known for their spine tingling, coma causing aromatic power.

Hell, I think with my radical ideas I may as well run for President.

ps: I like to talk about shit, not be in it. I ll pass the presidency for some lesser mortal like say APJ. ;)


Ria said...


sensitive topic this time...

i gotta bone to pick tho.. wats wid girls in engg and hair (assumed to be facial)? :|

generalizations plenty...ur idea of running for presidency jst might be shot down thanks to ur rubbing the wrong way :)

so, APJ can rest in peace :D

btw... wat happnd to the army plans? :p

Ria said...

bt ill say... u def can be the artist for the design work... id vote if u ever ran for the post of the engineer "remodeling" our public loos ;D

Zennmaster said...

i mean sure they are smart ( ie why they are there studying engg) but general up-keep is as obscure a concept to them as theory of relativity to ants...

Oh my designs will def won make it pass the censor boards... :p

Ria said...

;D judgements made from experience at VEC do not count :P

who cares abt it passing the sensor boards... ;D tell u wat... if they're funny enuff, ill use em in my THEME bathroom :)

u knw... jst a conversation piece... **dry laugh**

Zennmaster said...

if you gonna be using my pieces in your Loo.. i def do not wanna kno abt the " theme ". :)

Ria said...

*censor (typo for my post above)

and tee hee ;D ... @AC