Thursday, 26 April 2007

Hindi Movies...

Ah! I don't understand peoples growing disinterest in hindi movies, I mean they are being looked upon as something cheap and prefer artsy movies or english movies. I mean cmon gimme a break.

No seriously, the entire formula masala movies were so good. You knew what to expect, you din go to a movie because you were tired of guessing wat the story is gonna be, you went in to watch a movie, cos of the songs, the classy fights, the melodramatic dialogues. I mean seriously hindi movies are always loaded with such socio-economic messages, people are just too snot nosed not to accept that they don't get the messages. They act like the emperors new cloths.

Ok! what you don believe me? Sample this dialogue which has proved more effective than all the sex education which kids in america recieve.

Scene when the villain and the heroine engage in pre-marital sex, shit is inevitable to hit the ceiling

villian : mein tumhe chod ( pun intended, chod is both for screwed and leaving depends on how you pronounce it actually ) raha hoon!

heroine: Nahhhhhhhhhhhiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mein tumhare bache ki Ma bane wali hoon!

Villian doesn't really gives a fuck a walks out. And then the next couple of minustes its about how the girl struggles to raise a kid all alone listening to the taunts from the society.

I mean take for instance, the other formula where irrespective of the different economic backgrounds the girl and the boy hail from, its the love which both of them have towards each other which wins in the end. In the other words, love can move mountains.

But imagine the same following dialogues in some vague ass english movie.

Female: hey! am pregnant.

Male: ok!

Female: but I don want the kid! think am gonna abort him.

Or some fuckol lines like that. i mean where is the emotion the drama, the song and dance routine?

I mean this is exactly what defines Indian main-stream cinema. I miss the melodramatic shrieks, the law-defying fight sequences, the melodious numbers, the pre-climax tension building song. I miss them all.

I mean i remember there was a time when any movie featuring mithun charkravarthy or govinda was a sold out show cos of the star power alone. Now even the greatest stars cant garuntee a good masala movie worth its price.

I miss dialogues like : My compilation of the dialogues which you are bound to hear in any old hindi masala movie

main tumhaare bachche ki maan banne waali hoon.

Mai gareeb hoon na , isliye ....

Bhagwan mainey tumse aaj tak kuch nahin maanga.....

Aiye ji sunte ho.. Aap bade woh hein

Mai tumhare bina nahin jee sakti

Gawaaoon key bayaanat aur saboot ko madde nazar rakhtey Taz-e-raat-e-hind, dafaa 302 ke tahet , muzrim ko sazaaye maut di jaati hai

Muzrim ko ba-izzat bari kiya jaata hai

Main is Geeta per haath rakhkar yeh saugandh leta hoon ki jo bhi kahoonga sach kahoonga, aur sach ke siva kuch nahin kahoonga.

Inspector! Giraftaar karlo issey

Jug Jug jiyo beta

Ab hum kisi ko muh dikhaane ke layak nahin rahe

mainey is zameen ko apne khoon sey seencha hai

Main kahan hoon?

Is ghar ke darwaaze, tumhare liye hamesha ke liye band hein

In gori gori kalaiyon ko kaam karne ki kya zaroorat hai

Maine tumhe kya samjha, Aur tum kya nikley!

Doctor : " Chowbees ghante tak hosh nahin aiya to ..... "

aye mister, main koi aisi waisi ladki nahin hun.....

shayad tum nahin jaante ki tum kisse baat kar rahe ho....

kutte,kamine, mein tere khoon pi jaunga

...main tumse bahut pyaar karta hun....

.agar tum mere saath ho to zamana mera kya "ukhaad"(bigaad) lega...

Don ka intezar to 11 mulakho ki police kar rahi hai..lekin don ko pakadana mushkil hi nahi namumkin hai!

Girl to Villain: Bhagwan k Liye mujhe Chod Do

Kanoon ke haat bahut lambe hote hain..............

ab tumhara khel khatm hua.......................

Hands up ! you are under arrest !!!!!!

mein tumhare liye apni jaan tak de sakta hun.

hey bhagwan yeh tune kya kiya.

Mogambo khush hua.........



mere karan arjun aayenge.........

Well they better come fast woman...


Ria said...

am still nt convinced to watch hindi movies again :P

Amrutha Bushan said...
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Zennmaster said...

@ ria: girl you need to appreciate the finer things in life and it cant getter finer than hindi movies...

@ amrutha


anN-series said...

hahahahahaaa!!!!!!! more

'yeh sunney se pehle mai mar kyun nahi gayi'

"maaaaaaaaa" (every kid had to shout this)