Monday, 30 April 2007

Comedy story???

Jesus people somebody requested me to write a comic story. Me??? Now thats funny enough. Obviously people who aren't in the know of my sense of humor. It's cos of a reason. It doesn't exist.

The funniest thing I have said till now is Bipasha basu. And this resulted in my laughing my then well formed ass off. Literally.

Am pretty sure that all of you guys ( whoever is reading this ) must be curious as to what was so bloody funny about Bipasha basu, that its utterance has resulted in convulated bouts of hysterical laughter on one too many instances. Well lets just say there aint anything funny at all about it, even upon microscopic inspection. So forgetaboutit.

But the funny thing is that, my dad at the age of 55 retired from the army last may. he has got about some 8 degrees ( and no am not exaggerating). he tried to work as a Lecturer but then that did not work out. So he is trying to get into the army all over again.

My mum recently quit her work as a teacher and is now working as a trainer in one of the reputed call centres. And now she is going to be going away to some godforsaken place in kerala.

You want funny, you should watch the bus drivers drive in kerala, you can't but laugh a very nervous laugh praying for the people who are on the bus along with you and the people who are brave enough to venture out on the roads.

You want funny, you should watch my mum laugh her machine gun rat-ta-tat laughter. Now its funny if you don't know her. And you want funny you should chronicle this certain psycho women who thinks calling me names will offend me. I find that funny because coming from a place like Delhi, which is the origin for all words termed as abuses.

Well as they say, life is funnier.... than shit!


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Keep up the good work.