Thursday, 19 April 2007

Blore here I come...

Its 4 o clock in the morning, I just cancelled my flight scheduled to fly me out from chennai all the way to blore this saturday. And instead of this saturday am flying today. So here I am waiting for the rest of the world to wake up so that I can start getting things in order for me to pack and my bags and land in Blore, there is this sense of excitement coursing through my veins right now. Its bloody exciting and somehow exciting somehow sounds like an understatement for the kinda anticipation am feeling. This would be the first time I ll be flying alone, I have travelled alone before but this would be a first on a flight. The entire trip can be classified under the category as Impulsive, but boy do I love doing these things. I do not know where am gonna be staying, I am down on cash, any rational being will deem this as a stupid act, but then i got 2 words for you " Piss Off ". You will never understand it. So don't even bother trying to understand it.

What is currently running in my head is not the fact that I gotta go and find a place to crash my ever expanding waistline somewhere for the night, but what is running in my head right now is am i taking enough boxers with me? will I remember to take my brush along with me? And from where am I gonna generate the liquid cash I will most def need, and if i can somehow hijack a camera or atleast a phone with a camera. I most def will wanna record this on something more tangible than jus plain memories, which are nice but then you know something to look at is always better than to remember, esp in cases with time you keep pushing the memory further and further back of your mind.

In the background, " all i want for christmas is playing" OST of " love actually " pretty ironic, that this would probably be something I would have wanted for christmas, the feeling of being blessed. The feeling of not being lonely. Its wonderful I say.

But the Q still remains should I brush and take a bath before I board my flight? Think me will do both and throw in a shave too. Though I just took bath day before yesterday, and brushed my teeth yesterday and shaved this very sunday. Think this trip needs all these efforts and much more. ( psst: whoever went " oh god! what a slob " SOD OFF ).

Somebody commented that i have gotten cocky. Which I think is bloody awesome cos thats how normally I am, used to miss that but NOW AM BACK! Thanks to everybody who made me come back to normalcy ( you kno who you are ). Thanks! but no thanks.

Ladies and Gentleman... All hail to the next King of the world! Things have finally fallen to place. And keeping my fingers crossed everything works out well. I ll be seeing you in all the old familiar places.

Shit just remembered that I just have the PNR # and I need to call back again to get the ticket #. I definitely would not wanna miss this flight for my life. Waited too long for such a thing to happen. Now when it has I aint gonna let go. So I ll be gone now. See you people with a smile on my face and a heavy heart when I get back on monday. And hoping that the next impulse to run away like this is pretty soon. =)

Note: there will be no more personal info sharing done on this blog henceforth. Hold your horses when the book will hit the stand after 10 years. I have bared my heart out here. And there shall be no more of that. Find all that and a lot more in the book. Nothing like a good teaser i say.


Ria said...

:( on the book then... ill make my peace..wid that..

n hv a great trip... sounds like a very julia escape..except that u dont have a place to park ur gear in the night...oh well..take care...

Zennmaster said...

yea am a very impressionable kid... =)