Friday, 27 April 2007

Am not a Player!

I know, I know a lot of you are fuming right now. All of you thinking what a bastard, he is like the biggest player ever ( well I appreciate the sincere and hostile compliments). But the truth of the fact is, I am not a player.

I mean sure I was born to be a player, ( when you are a geminian its very difficult not to be one ) but what am trying to tell you is the fact that I choose not to be one. So i find it very disheartening when i find people calling me a player. Because I make every effort not to be one. I don't understand what vibes i send or carry along that people get such an absurd idea that am a player. I mean I would love to be a player, which guy wouldn't and knowing me I would quite flaunt this prowess with gay abandon. Am not against being told nice things which are not true, but then what truly madly deeply pisses me off is the fact that people think am a player and they keep on a look out for when am gonna make a move. Now for a person who doesn't know what works and what doesn't thats being a bit harsh, and its not like people tell me " dude what you did was awesome " but what i do get is, NOTHING.

I mean cmon, the reason anybody does anything is to be appreciated, if somebody is good at something appreciate him/her. Don fucking put a label on it. Fucking pissing off. Honestly.

Think me will go to japan and get those free hugs. And am gonna say this for the last time. I am not a player. I chose not to be. Even though I am one. There is a difference and if you cant spot it then go jump. =)


Anonymous said...

your basically saying you couldn't get laid to save your life and you don't want people thinking otherwise! besides I am sure all the people calling u a "player " must have a truly a)amazing sense of humor b)the most screwed up notion I know.. and if you ARE (hypothetically and in an alternate universe) a player, I give up on women and am turning gay, I refuse to copulate with a class of such crass taste

Zennmaster said...

yes thats exactly wat am saying.

sense of humor i wouldn't know a thing about it even if it comes and bites me on my not so well formed ass.

it most def is the most screwed up notion and thats why i wanted to set it right.

and in that universe if i was a player please don and try to seduce me. I know you have bi tendencies. just keep it to yourself.