Tuesday, 13 March 2007


Well my love affair with this fine piece of art began with the movie constantine.

just cast a glance on this thing of beauty. Added to the fact that I found Constantine to be an anti-smoking movie just drove me further into smoking and finding my own style. i have had couple of zippos but for my birthday which is a bit away from today ( hey that rhymed... anyway ) here is my list of zippos which I would be thrilled to get on my bday ( I will kiss you, wash your feet and drink that water if its before that... well its actually a figure of speech i use i don mean it ) But here are the nominees.

Now, who the hell won't fall in love with these beauties... I personally like the finger print one and the anarchy one. But if i get the remaining ones I ll be equally overjoyed.

Please find further works at www.zippo.com

And whoever is thinking of getttin me these... I LOVE YOU! from the bottom of my heart. And I ll always love you. They say diamonds are a girl's best friend. Well zippos are a smoker's best friend.

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