Thursday, 1 March 2007

The Things That Define Me...

There are a lot of things people think define, it ranges from the latest handset they carry around, or the amount of horse power one has under the hood, or the explosion of pink for some ladies or anything chocolatey in that manner, seems to define them.

Well you can extrapolate these to further areas, like the kind of movies or tv sitcoms they watch or the songs they listen to. But for everybody there is some quirky materialistic material which will conjured in front of their family members or friends flashes the image of the person who is associated with these things. And am not exception to this rule either. So here are they ladies and gentlemen, the list of things that is so totally me. Which my friends and all others who have had the misfortune of casting their glances on my way repeatedly have come to associate these things with me. Without much further ado, here are they.

1. Converse shoes:

Yup! these very same pair of shoes, i have been seeing them in my dreams since i was in 9th grade. Well thats about the time i got into defining myself, did a lot of introspection about deep stuff like how to cheat and win the next game of book cricket during class ( with furious practise sessions in the loo ), or trying to get to the basics of the pen game which was begininng to see its end at that time ( it reached its peak around 8th grade, the entire fever began in 7th grade, and considering any game caught our attention and lasted for so long itself talks about the greatness of the game itself).

These shoes caught my imagination the same way britney spears caught the imagination of all those mid-30s men suffering from mid-life crisis, when she crooned ( tried i should say ) " hit me baby one more time" suggesting strongly that she does like the idea of BDSM ( ironically i belive k-fed and britney split cos of this very own reason ).

But these shoes more than caught my attention, they became an obssession with me, then they slowly started to creep into my dreams, and the shoes and I ventured in a lot of adventures together ( in my dreams am saying, we have jumped around bulidings a la-spiderman, done the rocky training together and so on and so forth )

So anytime you see these staring out of you from the shop window, or somebody else lacking some originality genes in the their human genome code, remember me because thats a part of me that you are looking at.

2. Aviators :
By far the coolest things created by man-kind, long before tom cruise wore these and bought them shame i was into these things like a crack addict snorting up thru his ass or gettin his dick pierced ( trust me when these guys get stoned they do all this shit... what?? you don't believe watch this video called 2 days with a crackhead)
I mean these strong feelings were dormant, not the kind i had for my converse, but then after i saw "D" ( yea there is a movie called that, one of my fav movies so watch your tongue before i snatch it out of your filthy mouth you... you mongrels... ).
These have become such an integral part of my attaire that you won see me with out these anyway, anywhere.
3. My Topai ( Tummy ) : Ok topai is the affectionate name given to it by me and everybody who thinks its cute, not long ago, once upon a time when i was a playing memeber of my college basket ball and football but was dramtically cut short due to injury.
( There is not available footage of it, even if it was there i wouldn't wanna post something like this, cause if i did and some non-aesthetic person sues me cos he/she fails to see the beauty in it).
It really doesn matter if i have washboard abs or a tummy that has its own zip code, am comfortable in my own skin, i don feel awkward or anything, but if you people have a problem with it, deal with it.
Well there you have it, these are thing which define me materialistically ( or however you spell that out)

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LOL.....what about being a fob/