Wednesday, 7 March 2007

The Game...

I don't think a lot of people in India ( esp Women ) really know about Neil Strauss ( touted to be the greatest Pickup Artsit in the world) or his book. But there is a rising # of men all over the world who will swear that Mystery is God, and then there are others who will swear by juggler.
So what is all this about. Well all over the world there is a growing number of disgruntled nice men, who are sick and tired of hearing women say " Lets just be friends " or " I always thought of you as my brother ". Well its not the men's fault that the women they crave for, or the women they hear cribbing to them about all the jerks who have ruined their life and the lack of nice men in this world completely ignoring the fact that they are pouring their heart out to one.
Well so there began a silent movement nothing short of a revolution where men spent studying the female psyche and trying to find out the motherload of all questions " WHAT WOMEN WANT?". These men have their own jargon, because after all they all are geeks.
So how did I get to know about? well I was recovering from the fact that one of my natural friends ( natural = is a guy who has got the game) stole my first girlfriend right under my nose, I was an AFC back then. ( AFC = average frustrated chump, a guy who get the LJBFed ( lets jus be friends ). In other words I was a nice guy.
So I did what any other guy with access to net does. Googled for an answer, what i was looking for was something specific. I was looking to be DonJuan Demarco. I remembered wacthing this movie, where johnny depp plays the part of Donjuan.
I wanted to exert the same charam and charisma as he exudes in the movie, in the opening scene he goes seduces a woman in a matter of mins, oh did i mention the woman was waiting for a guy the whole time. So i googled for it, turns out that there are a lot more people who wanna be just like donjuan demarco, and there I learnt the Do's the Don'ts of being a Man.
There will be a lot of people esp women, who will be grossed out by the whole fact that there are men around the world who meet up online discussing ways to get to a woman's heart, but let me ask them a question, how many men have they rejected, the kinda men who they kn0w are nice but they don;t do anything, they don't invoke the kinda feelings which is essential, something basic called attraction.
So i embarked on this journey, changing myself from the wimp, nice guy I was to this cocky sonofabitch, because you like it or not, women are invariably attracted to the same guys who treat them like shit, they dig it, they get addicted to it. I mean nice guys do finish last, then couple of months later, I came to know that there are whole bunch of guys here in India who actually know about all this stuff and practise it actively.
The guys in there have varied reasons and goals, a lot of guys down there in US wanna have 3somes, a lot of them like me wanna find the ONE, we don't wanna be tongue tied or let anything come in between when we have the ONE rite in front of us.
So yes! I am a pick up artist, I am a social animal, I love the challenge of a hunt, but what i really love is to feel loved, to love somebody and to be loved in return. Don't think that is too much to ask for or anything wrong with it. Am not vouching for the fact that there are men out there who just wanna get laid, but then again there is a minority who just wanna be loved, because if they are loved they wouldn't be in the game in the first place. So there you go. The names and Identity of men who I know who play the game is safe and sound and their identity is in no way compromised.
The game is intended to make you a better man. That's all the game intends to teach. But then again, a scalpel can be used to save a man's life and it can be used to take it. I have done both, and trust me saving a life is way worth more satisfying than taking it.

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