Friday, 9 March 2007

10 Signs am Growing Old...

True am not that conventionally old, but I think old age is setting in, how am i saying such an absurd thing, well for starters:

1. I don't feel like getting up in the morning and playing basketball like the way i used in school and college. Back in the day, used to wake up at 3 and play basketball till 8 in the morning and then again go playing in the evening from 4 till whenever the sun allowed us to play. Now, I wince from the very thought of dragging my sorry ass ( tummy ) from one end of the court to another. I no longer consider sweat dripping down my face as something cool, it only irritates me further on cause it makes me get in touch with water when i have to wash my face, even worse take bath... yuck!.

2. I can no longer eat and drink from roadside stalls, my immune system is beginning to fail me, I was lead to believe that my immune system has been conditioned by the many years spent studying Kendriya Vidyalaya ( one of the finest educational institutions this country has to offer, and also one of the well kept secrets, if you haven had education in this school you have missed out on the best experience in life ). I was lead to believe that I could survive by drinking any water and eating anything, not anymore, old age is catching onto me and its catchin on pretty fast.

3. I look old. What better sign than that. The wrinkles are beginning to stare at me from the mirror when i wash my face ( one of the hardest things I do everyday ) showing the tensions I have in life and stress I undergo every single time I need to go anywhere near a water body to cleanse my body.

4. I don't lose my temper ( as often as I used to). I believe this is a sign of maturity in other words am growing old.

5. The kids I used to play cricket with when they were in the 7th std and 8th std are now gonna pass out from school and colleges, nothing makes you feel more old than watching somebody younger to you pass through the same motions of life.

6. Am surrounded by grandfathers and grandmothers. I mean all my friends are turning 24 and 25 this year. Jesus that's like 50 years old in a teenagers time-line. And I can no longer survive with no food all day long, I feel weak and faint.

7. I can no longer go around saying 18 till I die without being sniggered at. Now don go sniggering around and making this old man feel more old

8. This entire excersise has made me feel more old than ever.

9. I need a shoulder to cry on now. Cause I am not young and strong enough to handle life's taunts on my own. Think am like Rocky in Rocky Balboa, fucking old sonofagun who thinks he can still kick some ass.

10. This is the first time am actually dredding all my friends and my bday, because them growing old is equilant to me growing old. I don like this one bit I tell you.


Ria said...

tch tch! and to think ur only 21! :P

and i agree! KV food does help build immunity! :)

and u played bball?! how come i never saw u in the court, back in coll?

Zennmaster said...

i never knew somebody always had their eyes planted on all the things i did back in college...

Ria said...
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Ria said...

:P well... if i did have my eyes PLANTED... i dint do a good job, did i... :D

bt.. yep! i got my eyes on this book of urs! :D