Friday, 16 February 2007

Random Arbit Fun!!!!!!

The past week was solely dedicated to random-arbit fun, not the one-nite stands type, but you know something like the musscle man kind.
Here is the break-down:
When you are working ( or are expected to work ) but you really aren, Orkut is like what monica was for Bill.
No seriously, though i always used to wonder, how guys can be loser enough ( i agree we are losers and morons ) to send scraps like " can i have phrandsheep with you? " i used to look for the nearest wall to go bang my head. But then i realised that I ll never know what kick these people get in scrapping to random girls, who may be potential stalkers who may pose a threat to you, considering the fact that it is so bloody damn difficult to get a restraining order in india.
So what do I do? start writing scraps saying
" why the rum is all gone ??? "
Now if you are among the majority of the population, who went HUH? when you read it, well its a dialogue from my movie " pirates of the carriebean ".
But suprising thing is the number of responses I got from it, but i realised one thing, scrappin up random ppl with a hidden threat to your poor life, the kick soon wears off like a slow fadin effects of a high from an ecstasy pill ( i have heard people tell me that ). And the novelty soon wears off, and i did this for a whole of 1/2 hr.
Now i have new found respect for all those losers out there who wanna have phrandsheep, for their patience and persistance and pray to god for them to get a life.
The other random impulse i followed was smoking a beedi today in office, not that i din have a smoke or was broke like a vase smacked by the winning sixer. I jus wanted to know how it is to smoke a beedi, so I bum a beedi of my security guy in office and light it up. And since i have smoked almost everyother thing that can be smoked or can be put in your mouth ( no that does not include shit ). And i gotta tell you, other than the slight high i got from smoking pure tobacco, and it tasting a bit like weed, it was no different other than the fact that you had to keep puffing at it otherwise it goes of.
Random run thru books a la-good will hunting. wasn't as much as fun as i expected it to be.
Though my desire to do more life threatening things still lies unquenched, lemme kno if you wanna see your dumbest acts to come to life, buzz me. Cos trust me, guys are dumb... but i take dumbness to an altogether new high. Ask the poor souls who are still searching for the rum.
maybe i jus need to get a life???

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