Thursday, 22 February 2007

Dancing and Me...

I shake my booty in much more pathetic way than this. But i wasn't always this bad.
Back in school I used to dance, atleast i did not give a fuck about other people back then. This was long before i got conscious about the way i used to move and i developed rigidity and realised that i do have bones for joints and not rubber.
But then all this fell flat one day at the club when some mean ass bitch ( i respect a woman enough not to call her this but then every rule has its exception, and she was def one of them ). And this female humilitated me so bad that i have shrunk myself into oblivion in my "am-not dancing shell" .
But then, the futility of this attitude came to the fore when i went to the club with my lady love. I am cool with dancing real close its when the distance creeps in between and am supposed to move my now expanding booty with no finite boundary in sight that i feel so vulnerable. More vulnerable than when i first started practicin nudism ( yes i do practise nudism when no one is around, i feel kinda liberated... hey don look at me like that )
So now am thinking how exactly should i go about bringing about a change in the dancing fortunes of this retarded kid suffering from fits on the dance floor ( hey that kinda rings llike blood on the donce floor... nvm... you guys do not appreciate pathetic juvenille humor)
So calling all you dance animals with a bit of philanthropic ( or however you spell that word ) black heart to teach me some basic moves which i can permutate and combine to evolve my own dance form.

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