Tuesday, 6 February 2007


Yup! this is the bored man again, ( Again??? ) am now uncovering my hobbes ( though i wish i was as cool as calvin). Like it says am bored out of senses, its 1:45 Am in the morning, sitting in the office doing nothing ( wish i could hatch eggs, acutally would be fun though, tryin to figure out a way other than shoving those eggs in my ass to sit on them and not have yellow gooey stuff dripping down ) .
Bottom line I AM BORED!!! and there are times when you say this but you somehow feel you are not justifying the state you are in, i think thats why people should word power made easy - norman e. lewis ( it talks about moments like these where your vocab aint esoteric enough to make people realise how incompetent they are when it comes to expressing themselves well esp men cause we are morons and I for one am an self confessed MCP ).
Am so bored and by saying this again and again aint alleviating my boredom, but is only making me conscious of how bored I am, i think anything which starts of with "I" only amplifies its effect, like suppose you just say love you, it aint as good as saying I love you! or take the other case if you jus say hate you!, it doesn even make sense and the whole vehemence is kinda missing aint it, but imagine you yelling I hate you! damn i can feel the anger boiling in now, ( maybe thats just my tummy tellin me i gotta wat something or i gotta hit the pot ).
Ok since i am rambling and jumping from one to another, i don;t understand men ( my ) obsession with perverted jokes and potty jokes, i mean no matter how lame they are they always crack me up. I mean sure i ll concede defeat that women are more smart than men and it is below their sense and sensiblity to appreciate crude humor like this, but am happy to be stuck with the brain of the size of a flea's balls, but that also helps me in some ways, I mean i sure cant misconstrue a given situation into something so horrible and outright that it doesn even look possible.
I think the story of "close encounters of the 3rd kind" was actually written by women, i mean nobody could be this smart and be stupid at the same time to come with shit like that, it takes real brains to do that, and the moronic brains i do possess render me helpless to better their effort but leave me paralysed to do nothin but bang my head against the wall ( though thru sheer inertia of pain i cant bang it hard enough that it actually breaks and bleeds ).
Though one of the many weird ass fantasies i have is to see my leg or hand in cast, yup! am crazy... thank you!
Wtf?!? am i doing... answer am crapping... think am stoned, am not sure now... you kno wat am gonna go crash...

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aishwarya said...

ummmm..ahhhhh...im still wondering wht tht blog was abt(scratches her head)...:)