Friday, 9 February 2007

About me???

" I could tell you many adventures -
beginning from this morning -
Atleast I knew who I was
When I got up this morning,
But I think I must have been changed
several times then ."
Well this more or less sumerises me, all those who know me will vouch by this.
Hmmm... well let me think all the charcters i ever wanted to be.
Well i guess they all were from books and movies and I gotta warn you, I take changing myself into them pretty seriouly.
Take for instance my obsession with Rocky, i was spitting dialogues from the movie as fundas in life, do shadow boxing and was obssessed with wearing grey sweats with the hood. Or the day when i saw this move called D, and was blown by this character called Deshu, i had to get those damn aviators and grow a stubble and answer the phone in a mean ass way. Or when i walked out of the theatre after watching constantine, I had to have to zippo flip it open and light my cigarette jus the way he did.
Lotsa people get irritated with it but i know that this is same thing which endears me to them, or so i think. They call it wannabe shit but hey wat the hell, i love it. I guess this is the same reason why i have trouble answering those age old Qs in all these damned sites which ask you " ABOUT ME" . Now what the hell am i supposed to say in that?
I think I should just say Am a loony toon who thinks he is all the cool movie characters which ever came out or which ever will come out. But see then I am myself certifying me as a lunatic and not many people are open to accepting truth on its face-value esp from the horse's mouth. They always think am joking around or something. Even when am serious shadow boxing and telling them " I appreciate it !" they think am just fucking around with them. But the truth is am not... In those few moments I actually feel like am acting in that particular role in this movie called " MY LIFE ".
My present obsession is Capt. Jack Sparrow. Ok lets get this clear, I don wanna be like him... I am Capt. Jack Sparrow. And today is the day you ll all rememeber as the day when I told you truth. Now hide the Rum. Savvy?

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