Monday, 8 January 2007

Women and Secrets....

Funny aint it... I mean women and secrets they are like black and white, ying and yang.
Ok for the people who haven been able to the see the funny side of the topic, let me enlighten you. Women cannot keep a secret for their life, they are like a leaky pot (pun intended), I mean sure the women can find solace in the fact that they were hard wired to talk and stuff, but the fact that women tend to talk about secrets in their lives and in more importantly in others life with such gutso is such a piss off.
I mean trust me, never scorn a woman who knows shit about you, they will make sure they take hold of the trp ratings when it comes delivering the news to people you have warned her specifically not to tell.
Wait hold on second, that is just about a guy pissing off a girl and the implications, i mean sure the secrets came out and they made gettin out of your house and meeting people but you soon realise the futilty and people really do tend to forget shit about others cos there shit keeps piling up.
But what about the people related to the two of them, between the guy and the girl, those people tend to be caught in the cross fire and tend to get hurt the most by the woman scorned. And i believe this is the reason why even though women tend to have more friends and talk more than men, but they still do not have many friends with whom they haven had a fall out and don harbor any ill feelings against. Something always comes in between, it can be a man or men, friends or whatever that is that women fight about.
And that explains as to why women tend to be more prone to depression then men, not cos they tend to have more stress cos of prefessional life or domestic but cos they burn their bridges as they go forward as a form of closure. And they really do not have some body to fall back on and that apart from a good warm body to comfort at night, women like men more than men.
So do what you can, be emotional or stone hearted but do not reveal your plans which you wanna keep under the wraps or secrets which you wanna take it down to the grave, never tell them to the wmoen kind and beware they will put a spell, which will wanna spill your guts to them but beware and do not tell me you had not been warned about it. AND if you have done such a stupid stupid thing like tell a girl about your deepest darkest secrets, then make sure you do not in any way piss them off...
I think now i understand why boy bands croak about cleanin underwear for their girls but never tell them about their secrets. Interesting very interesting indeed...

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