Thursday, 25 January 2007


Hahaha... before i say anything, word to everybody who is reading this, thats charan's real first name and he is prefers people calling him charan, ( i wonder why? ). And Charan if you read this and are getting ready to whoop my ass and calling me a "bitch" like a million times by now, well this pic is what gopal sent me and i did not have any with you alone. So if you wanna call somebody, anybody a bitch its gopal mate...

Anyway getting back to how i came to know charan, well i really don't remember. Though both gopal and adhy have hilarious accounts of their own of they met him, but i think adhy wanted to eat some chocolate at charan's place and so i went along with him because after that we were supposed to go somewhere else. I think that's how i saw him first.

Though this was not the first time i had heard about him ( i mean prior to my series of questioning to adhy about whose house are we going and stuff), the legend of charan was spread far and wide about how adhy and gopal used to play him for sucker, though adhy used to have guilt pangs ( because of his uprightness *cough*my ass) but gopal used to revel in it.

So i do not know why but there was always this wall i had with charan though some of it still remains till date, but this guy is a sweetheart ( though i will not call him that now) . He is one of the few people i know whose heart without me looking at it with whatever is that the doctors use to look at a person's heart and say it that this guy has a heart of gold. All 24 carat of it.

I think most of that goes to the way he was born and brought up, he comes from a staunch tamil -brahmin background where apart from all the get togethers his family had in temples, am lead to believe he was not so fortunate like his brother if i may say so to experience the world like the way gopal, adhy or me did. And because of this, he had a very horse eye view about the world, you know with blinders on the side.

This was till he met adhy and gopal, and like in all romantic-comdeies there is always a loser guy who the girl changes from being Mr. Tight pants to Mr. Lycra or whatever that is which is considered impulsive. Well Adhy and Gopal did just that to Charan.

But then again, charan are more or less the same when it comes women, we are too much of a nice guy and we time and time again get screwed by women, but we are just too much of romantics at heart to let go of the game. Though there are times when charan just baffles if not the others with his insights, and more than anybody else he has helped me dodge flak.

But those are the nice things, charan being not in the waters he is used to, is not so comfortable and usually looks out for cues to be followed, thats how it was in the begining but now he more or less has grown into a man in his own right.

I will never forget the nights when he actually got drunk, like some kinda tramp in the streets who somehow have gotten in touch with the higher powers and know that the doomsday is on its way and they don care to listen anything or anybody else, well thats charan for you when he gets drunk and since he cant actually exocires those ghosts from the past bastard invaribaly turns towards me and tells me how am screwing up my life and mis-handling my money.

Though this is the same quality which endears him to me BUT when he is sober, he is bloody pain in the ass when he is drunk and gets emotional, the funny thing is he always manages to get a cold too, out of the blues outta nowhere, so when he is actually talking to you in a very emotional ridden voice, and he is sniffing you aren really sure if its the content of what he is preaching you or his cold, though you realise the former when his voice starts cracking.

I never understood why he joined commerce, because knowing gopal ( he isn the book worm types) and adhy ( books ... huh? what? ) but charan never really fit into the whole college jock thing quite well, he tried but i donno, somehow trying to emulate the success of gopal and adhy he missed out on some things. Though him and me realised that, and it is heartening to see him take a path without anybody else's influence.

One thing i always noticed, and am telling you now is that the following words are gonna be hard to comprehend for charan because it is a analogy, with charan i realised, you know if your troubles are like the work you have in a stipulated time, it always expands itself to fill in the entire time duration and in the case of troubles it always expnads into something huge irrespective of its magnitude, which ofcourse is on a relative scale. But then again, i have grown into liking charan and he somehow stablizes me.

I mean true that i wanted to be like gopal or adhy, but it is charan who actually grounds me to my roots and acts like an anchor, though his is the toughest job to do, stating the truth and reality as it is to a dreamer and thereby causing heart break. I know he doesn't like it, he knows i don like it. But somebody gotta do the dirty job and he does it, time and again, no questions asked.

Though his way of thinking is nowhere how i think, and if i thought i lack of sense of humor, i think by my standards charan rivals me or even beats me sometimes, i think where am better is that i keep quite with my bad jokes and he lets everybody in on the bad joke. But yeah, gopal and adhy being the father figures, charan has been my elder brother.

I mean you can always blame your folks for screwing up some instance of your life, but an elder brother is just there, you get pissed at him, you play with him, he hauls your ass outta trouble every single time with some gyan on what a screw up I am. But hey in the end he still is my elder brother to me.

Heres to you brother. =) ( both of us look pretty drunk in this...hahahahha)


Jaspreet said...

so here's the third musketeer of ur life....hehehe....extremely well written and ofcourse hilarious 'at times' that i kno smthing abt SHRIcharan(....lolzzz).....i can make a good picture of what it would have been like with him.....hahaha....
enjoy n cheerzzz

Sricharan said...

well.. well writeen.. true in a lot of places.. and dude u know u have to keep updating it.. considering the metamorphosis im going thro rite now ;)