Tuesday, 16 January 2007

Musscles Of Ssteel Man and The Left-Right Girl...

Well following the night of fun, the 2 people realised that they possess super powers and this was bought to eachothers attention by the other.

Ladies and gentlemen Introducing to you the greatest crime fighting team to ever surface and be caught in the spotlight. Introducing the Left-Right Girl

Her Powers: Complete ignorance of directions, and the killer, she doesn know which hand is left and which is right. She has the amazing sense of misdirection and by following her directions Musscless of Ssteel man can never catch the manipulative assholes and the demented women whose only objective is to screw nice guys and girls. Plus she got a mean bitch slap. AND she got nails which she uses only as a last ditch effort.

Her Alter-Ego : Its the best alter ego for a person with a complete lack of knowledge in directions.... Architect. In the light of the day she builds toilets and in the dark of the night she misleads bad-doers to their doom.

Her Tag-line: " This is right where east is and the bay of bengal ( pointing to her right hand) and this is left where the West.....Bengal is"

Introducing Musscless Of Ssteel Man.

The left-right girl realised that I have a lisp, which i sstill inssisst that i don. Well since the left-right girl is a girl she was in-charge of my wardrobe and this is by far the most masculine wardrobe for a Ssuper-hero...

Yea women and their inherent need to dress up their men in the most weirdest costumes, and all the time assuring that its gonna look good on them and to trust them.

My Alter-Ego: A glorified Bum and a porn star ( i wish...siigh)

My Super Powers: The Lisp, legally the most leathal weapon available in this part of the universe and inter-galactic wars are being raged to acquire the secret formula for this, which is secretly stowed away in exceptionally long tongue ( ladies...wink...wink ) =p. And my pathetic sense of humor, some of my fans like to refer it as the non-existential sense of humor.

My tagline is- " Itss cool to lissp... YOU can do it too... "

And every superhero has a cry which is followed by some damn good kick ass music, and ours is gonna be

" We are AWESOME and YOU suck ! "

This is a warning to all those manipulative assholes and demented women out their to mend thier ways before its too late... =p

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