Friday, 12 January 2007


Yea i know, most of you must be thinking what the hell is wrong with him, but like i said if a man aint secure enough about his sexuality he will refrain from talking about certain things and i aint one of them. So let me run a list of men i find HOT!!!

* Will Smith

From the days of " Fresh Prince of Bel Air " till in pursuit of happiness, this guy still manages to make me go " Dude I wanna BE him" i mean this guy is such a bundle of talent, from the super cool guy played in independence day and bad boys, to the serious role he portrays with such conviction in pursuit of happiness, and with the mean ryhmes he churns out when he plays the MC, awesome... This guy is THE MAN... i wouldn't be suprised if actually goes and runs for presidency and actually wins it. This guy has got it all, looks, brains, brialliant sense of humor, charisma you name it and he has it. My man ranks all the way on top.

* Johnny Depp

Well apart from him being a geminian like myself, this guy is the epitome of the term " Rebel Without A Cause " , this guy has the cool factor oozin out of his every pour, and every thing which you think is down right shitty, this guy puts a cool twist to it, though there has been a exponential increase in his fan following after the brilliant portrayl of Capt. Jack Sparrow, i have been a fan since " whats eating gilbert grape" , his portryal of the 16th century lover Donjuan Demarco had a earth shattering influence on the way i thought about a lot of things, and thats not much if i may say so. But yes this guy is on the same level as Will Smith but on a differnt level. Well what can i say geminians are the BEST...

* Brad Pitt :

Well i never understood why women go crazy over this guy, not until i watched fight club and his character of Tyler Durden was something which blew my hair back and every single time i think about tyler durden i get goosebumps, but other than his portryal in fight club i still don understand why women go crazy over him, well women what can i say, cant understand them don intend to.

* James Hetfeild

For those of you who haven seen james perform shut your gob up, this guy takes over the stage as the aliens intended to in independance day, there aint nobody who can compete with him when it comes to the plain animal energy he brings along with him and put him on a stage with a million metal fans in front of him and you can see how the master plays with the puppets, if you wanna learn how to exude plain animal energy and animal magnetism watch this guy perform and you cant help but fall in love with him... This guy redefines rock.

* Tom Cruise

Well top gun would not have been the movie it was if it wasn't for this guy's cocky attitude, the scene where he woes the female lead is awesome, well like brad pitt defined fight club this guy defined top gun, this guy even though has been acting as if he has missed his medication for lunacy recently still manages to have aura about him which very few people have, this aura in particular has the beautiful thing about filling the room and srawing everybody around it as a bunch of moths around a light bulb.

* ShahRukh Khan

Well nobody managed to catch the imagination and attention of a billion people all at the same for a really long time now, even among the present bunch of stars this aging star still manages to shine bright enough to put the others in his shadow, competitors have come and gone but he still manages to hold his own. This guy inspires me since this guy was just another average joe, but he went after his dream and now is living the dream of millions.

Well there are a lot more men who inspire, evoke emotions motivate and lift you up when you watch them, but these are the guys who come to mind when i think back and try to answer who all have come at the differnet points of time and helped me shape my personality. Yeah kinda sad that i had to do that, but knowing me myself these were the only men i had in my life. Cheers to them.


loverboy said...

how come you dint write about me?

Anonymous said...

Know what the hell you are before anything else.

Zennmaster said...

i am whatever i think i am...

Anonymous said...

No dont know who you are.

gp said...

dude ... sharukh khan.... awww .. man not happenin... drems ya .. whtever ya .. blah blah blah......he is jus nt worth it man ... not happenin..