Thursday, 11 January 2007

Gopal Shankar....

Gopal Shankar...
I still remember the first time i met him, down at the ground where the kids were playing cricket and we hit it off, i think it was the way he poked me in my love handles... LMAO... no not in a sexual way but the asexual way guy generally fool around, well i know it all sounds weird and looks like there is something suggestive in it, but i assure you its not.

Anyway, Gopal and I have this love-hate relationship, where there is more brotherly love ( for those still stuck up thinkin that there is something more) than hatred. But i gotta give it to him, he has pushed me in ways i never thought anybody would have pushed me. In everybody's life there is always one person who pushes you to the extreme, these people are responsible for your sanity because if they do not caliberate on how much you gonna push, you may end up pushing them over the wall.

But gopal, was an eye opener, being a KV product, i was more than happy in my well, happily croaking away, till he came along and opened the well into a river, and i realised that the dreams i was dreaming back then was nothing compared to the ones i am gonna acheive. But yes he more or less shaped my thinking from pulling me out from the govinda rut to shahrukh khan. He was like the father i never had, telling me stuff about the world, teaching me stuff, making me see things which weren so bloody obvious to the visible eye. His presence had a soothing effect on me when i was on the verge of an emotional-physical-mental breakdown. He has seen me breakdown in front of him, and seen me kick his ass on the playing feild.

But like i said, we had a love hate-relationship, when we had the one-one caonversations about life, it was all love, but when he used to gang up on me with others (Adhy) he used to trip on me majorly, i still remember them tying up my cycle down to something with cans hanging around the handle bars, though they still think it is funny as hell i still feel otherwise.

And like i said i used to look up to him, but then when one fine day, when my first girlfriend broke up with me, for no apparent reason i was shattered, and that am gonna personally nominate for the understatement of the century or whatever is bigger than a century ( double century ??? ...ok bad joke... nevermind). And i could never bring myself to put a closure on it, cause i still do not know the reason of the breakup and sometimes when i get drunk it still rankles me up. Anyway after couple of weeks I got dumped ( i could have said after we broke up but am trying to be brutally honest here ) my brother ( Gopal ) started going out with her, and i had no idea whatsoever about it.

I mean sure it wasn't such a big suprise cause the even when i was going around with her, she and gopal had such beautiful chemistry that i used to be jealous of him, but then i knew gopal and i still haven met a girl who cant stand stay away from his charms ( Bastard =p) . Anyway you know shit happened and we spoke it out like men, though the fact that he went around with her did not rankle me as much as the fact that the female acted like she has no brains and no heart, well what can i say WOMEN !

But yeah, if all this is any indication gopal and me have gone through all this and a lot more, though its suprising that even though women tend to make more friends they also seem to have a zilch people with whom they can talk to and not be afraid of getting bitched about later on behind their back.

There have been instances when we both decided to take up a life of abstenince he chose to because he just had to many women to handle and i chose to cause no women was coming my way, yea you cant blame them either cause you are forgettin not many women can stand this arrogant son of a bitch a.k.a ME.

But yea gopal shankar, well there is this warm feeling i get whenever i think about him and know that my worst fear is unfounded ( oh my worst fear being dying alone and nobody coming over to the funeral ) well i know this man will, cause he is my brother, well this blog makes me sound more and more gay with each passing line, but hey this blog is all about how much gopal means to me ( and also the fact that the bastard has been cribbing me to write one ). But yeah he is one guy who means the world to me and taught me the concept of family.

Heres to you brother.

Oh btw for the record i was drunk, piss drunk would be an understatement and to my credit my normal up-chuck reflex did not kick in that night. But yea this was one night i ll always remember not cause of me popping the Q to dolly, ok that too but the fact about the U-turn gopal took, and the way we guys planned it out while we guys were getting ready and shit...

Well apart from all the movie characters i have always wished i have been, gopal is one of the few men in real life who i wanna be. Well this is my confession, unabashed in its words telling this man the special place he has in my life.


Sricharan said...

Arv is rite.. i would like to steal a comment of his abt gopal.. "he is the guy who can make you jump of a cliff without a thought of survival kits and make it look like u r doing it for fun"...... the worst is.. u will jump of the cliff!!!!!!!!!!!

Sricharan said...
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Jaspreet said...

ma association with gopal may not been as long but in these few mnths frm what all i have known him, i can tell u that every line abt him is so true!!!! flawlessly written arvind!!!!
his impeccable ability to know whats there on other's mind n pull the other person out of it,
his flirtatious nature(.....lolzzz) all ma smpathies r with u arvind...hehehe,
his wierdo n crazy acts...... he (is hard to say) simply superb!!!
am jealous of the chemistry that u two share....lollzzz
god bless....cheerzzzzz!!!!

Raji said...

Superrr ..!!!! yeah..tht wld b just abt him... gopal for u...!! great guy..!! very well written...common' arv...all credits to ya..aftr all u HAV managed to mak tht asol look pretty good out ther.... [wink] ...but ..ummm..then again " then i knew gopal and i still haven met a girl who cant stand stay away from his charms " .. seriously..huh..??!!!

Zennmaster said...

atleast those he wants to...