Monday, 15 January 2007

Fun Night!

Its suprising that a normal night of fun can actually be so much fun, you do not need a whole bunch of people, just another person who understands what you say and can engage in a stimulating conversation. And this is exactly what happened last night, a night of pure unadultered fun.

Started out with me kicking some royal ass in a mean game of Blech, and then some bantering around over a cup of coffee and then couple of mins fluff talking about what to do in the night, and then go for a round of drinks and laughing it out like a trip to the lunatic asylum is long overdue, singing songs and talking about commonalites, then get back home and pop in movies, start of with "10 things i hate about you", yes i have a thing about Rom-Coms, i love them, they give me hope and make think that true love is out there for you to go and find it, gives me hope in the fact that serendipty exists and there is hope for nice guys like me not to get screwed over by women.

And after we done with "notting Hill" pop in russel peters, no matter how many times you watch this guy say the same jokes again and again, it is hilarious as hell, this guy rocks, one of the things i have realised that when you are having fun you really don have any idea as to seconds turning into minutes and minutes turning into hours and soon it was 530 hrs in the morning, and on an impulse take the bus to the morning, and the chilling breeze wakes the shit out of you, and makes you say stupid things like "right side is east where the bay of bengal is and left is where the west....(pause 15 seconds ) bengal is..." like a punch dialogue.

Watching the sun rise over the horizon was a first for me, and it was a beautiful sight, with the rays shooting out of the clouds and the sky getting filled with different hues of red, pink and orange, and a damn engaging conversation about how "chennai SUCKS!!!" and some hot idlis to boot was fun in a really long time. And i think fun would be an understatement though for lack of a better word. =)

BTW am awessome and you ssuck...!!! LMAO...


Prita said...
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Prita said...

bipasha basu! *hysterical laughter*

*lil_kath* said...

... hehe cool! ^_^
oops landed here when i clicked the "next blog" from me!
... read some of ur post... i enjoyed it! :) thanx!

keep it up!