Friday, 5 January 2007

Dreams and Reality...

Seems like two opposite poles don they, i mean if you gonna go by the usual talk of practicaility then sure dreams are something which never happens and reality is what is happening, dreams everything seems picture perfect but that doesn happen in reality. But this isn about me ranting about how it sucks that both of them are like 2 parallel lines which seems like they will never meet.

This is a post which is detailing how i feel, about the few times in ones life does a person feel so certain about something that its almost blindsizing, man is a creature of doubt and he takes refuge in realism, but am talkin about those moments when you are so damn sure about what you wanna do that the dreams are no longer dreams and reality is no longer anything differnet from a dream cos everything seems so surreal. It may range for different people from the kind of job they wanna do to what they wanna learn or the person they gonna fall in love with.

And once they realise that 2 things can happen...

1. They can be realist and take refuge in it and plan it out carefully so that nothing goes wrong, because they really aren sure about it in the first place but they just are going on gut instinct.

2. They can be the chasers, following their dreams, taking the leap of faith (or the plunge into abyss as some people like to refer it), because they are so sure of thier dream that its scary for some, its crazy and stupid for a lot of people.

I love the chasers, because they aren afraid of anything, they go after what they really want. Let me tell you a little story about a boy who wanted to travel the world, but he figured let me first earn a little money then i ll go, so he set up a bakery shop and started saving money and then soon the dream kept gettin pushed back and he lost the drive for it and he never did get to see the world. It was not like he did not want to go see the world or he did not want is strong enough, or he wasn't destined to do so, or anything that people say to console themselves when things dont happen like how they intend to.

Why i think the boy never got to see the world, he was practical, he did not have the courage to plunge in and give into his desire to see the world, all he had to do was take a backpack and start walking, i believe when you want something strong enough the entire universe conspires for you to achieve it. It requires a leap of faith, a leap of vision, great men and great things did not happen by being practical. Sachin did not become the player he is now by being realist, he wanted to play for the indian side strong enough and he did. Einstein did not stumble upon the theory of relativity or newton stumble upon the theory of gravity by being practical in their thinking, they had a leap of faith, leap of thinkin.

I mean practically speaking people thought the world is flat, if it was not for columbus who believed in something nobody else did, not his friends not his family nobody but he did. And voila! the world is not flat. There gonna be a billion people who gonna say, shit that is crazy and stupid, but somebody who believes in it strong enough will do it and it doesn look stupid and crazy does it. I mean sure say take a instance of a guy who had a plump job a gradute from the most premier instituition of management and he knew he did not wanna do it, he wanted to do something to do with cricket, guess what he does becomes a cricket commentator. I mean he could have been practical and not done anything cos it was considered crazy and stupid.

Am not saying that being practical is bad and all, am just saying that sometimes you just need to toss practicality out of the window and take the jump. Sometimes being a dreamer doesn help, not when you are trying to hide away from problems, then being a dreamer is the worst thing you can ever do. But other than that you gotta be a dreamer... dream for a better future, dream of a better life, dream of dreams... just dream...

And until a few days back i was a realist till something happened and i became a dreamer.... i fell in LOVE.

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