Wednesday, 3 January 2007


Hmm... it would do no justice to the current love of my life if i don talk about the person who made me realise that i do have a heart after all. Nisha a.k.a Dolly a.k.a Nish.

How I came to know of her existence

Well, it was quite funny in retrospect, i was in hostel and bored out of my senses and i had just logged into one of the many social networking sites mushrooming the same way men get boners whenever they think about 2 women gettin down and dirty. And we excahnged #s and then i called her up one day, turns out she is out meeting her Ex-Boyfriend, ( who by the way i think is like a disgrace to mankind) dont wanna end about talking about a prick right now, anyway we spoke a but and i was taken for a trip by her friends ( why is that all nice guys not that i am one but yea why do all nice guys get tripped royally by friends of the girl he is interested in) and then finally she decided let me just meet this guy and we did.

The first meeting

Me and my friends go to watch Oceans 12 and by coincidence dolly and her friends also there for the same movie, and this is where i got to meet the coolest one, ( tho going by the first impression she was by far the most geekiest person), so interval i go and start talkin to her and her friends and i ask them the usual lame ass Qs and they fluff talk a lil, and then i ask Dolly what she was doing after the movie cos i thought that i may get to talk to her a bit longer, and i ask her " wats your plan after this ? " and she answers faster than a speeding bullet " planning to do my masters" and am thinking jeez after the movie? hehehe...

The first date

So after the brilliant encounter with the geeky kind, and a countless variations of a lameass pickup line she finally relented taking pity on yours truly, and we decided to meet up for coffee.

I tagged along a friend of mine, because its an unwritten rule that if you are going on a date for the first time and added to the fact that you are meeting the other person for the first time you take a friend along for safetyt purposes, you never know when they take out a dildo or some other ghastly sex object and ask you to do dirty deeds ( not that i wouldn't do but still you know... ) so i tagged along a friend of mine and we finally found out where this godforsaken coffee day was, and if you are really curious as to where it actually is then let me help you locate it in your body, in the anus.

And the moment i walk in and lay my eyes on her i go " shit, she looks good" and i do something totally gay. I take her hair clip and i start combing my ruffled hair, and she starts laughing ( its a different issue that anybody and everybody would have thought it was funny that a straight guy like me doing a agy thing like that. Though lot of people would wanna counter the straight bit and those people can drop their pants and bend over. Anyway we get talking and we hit it off. And finally its time to leave and she leaves . And am anxiously waiting for her to msg tellin me wat a wonderful company i am and blah blah blah ( yea modesty is one of traits i have mastered which ranks right after patience) and she doesn so i bite the bullet and send her msg and then its all good to go from there.

Life with her

I was never the same after that day, though a lot shit happened before everything was all official, courtesy the mofo prick of an ex bf she had, boy do i love him in a asexual sarcastic manner (for the really bright brains reading this and then misconstrueing it to me being gay or bi.) Anyway there were certain things which became a part and parcel of life, like the night long talks me asking Qs, my quest to be the ulitmate chick magnet, and she was there through thick and thin.

With her everything was so fun, but when we used to fight, we used to fight like (there is no metaphor to explain the stupidity or the intense rage anger frustration and every other negative emotion running at that time.) And the best part about all those fights was the making up bit. Whoever said kiss and make up is a bloody god, i mean he is like the einstein of all einsteins.

Anyway, apart from her making me feel so girly everytime we drank or spoke about music and her need to get validated about her status being the " coolest one", she broke the wall i had built after the first relationship i had went bust on its face, and as a act of self perservation began of think of women as objects and not as people ( yea i told you am an asshole ) but this lady here melted this stone hearted bastard, she made me a domestic dog after picking me up from the streets and made me the man i am ( ok she and preeti) . She has the most terrfic sense of humor, and it is so hilariuosly funny that am right now laughin my trademark hyena laugh just thinking about it. And then fate intervened and we had to contend with not only both our egos but also the fact that there were 7 oceans sepreating us, and 5 continents, so the distance came in and i started working and the thing slowly faded away.

You know when on a cold winter night you have a fire glowing to keep you warm, thats the kinda relationship we had, but when we realised that the fire was burning out, we tried harder and harder to fan it and get it rollin again but it jsut kept on doing the opposite of what it was supposed to do, and then finally it did die down. though there was a sense of sadness but then both of us knew that to kill a fire you use fire and both of were fire. We used to drive each other up the wall, and drive each other crazy, it would have been only time when one of us would have done something stupid cos this constant craziness, and so we decided to go our seperate ways but knowing fully well that we will always be there for each other no matter. And its suprising how both of us now need each other for the warm embers instead of raging fire to keep warm.

She may not be my first crush, my first girlfriend, but she definitely was the first girl who i fell in love with, And she will be my best friend, ie after mohit ofcourse. And i pray to god that this girl who is like the most cutest coolest smartest girl to be born on this planet is kept happy by the guy she has now fallen in love with.

I knew that the next girl i was ever to fall in love with had to have fill the big shoes she left behind, i knew the same was true for her too and am happy for her in the fact that she found a guy with much bigger feet than the shoes i left behind and i really do hope that he treats her the way she deserves to be treated ( not that am doubting it or watever, but more like a subtle threat =p). And the girl i have fallen for is definetiely not the coolest one or the funniest one ( its a differnet issue being nobody else can) but she damn sure has those feet to fill in dolly's shoes... And i hope to attain marital bliss just like she did... All hail the coolest one. =p


loverboy said...

ha ha i read excerpts of ur relationship..couldnt help noticing..."the next one has to fill in big shoes" know what i mean

Zennmaster said...

am not quite sure about what you are referin here.

Nish said...

i jus love this blog!
its the best that u have written! :)

Nish said...

i jus love this blog!
its the best that u have written! :)

anN-series said...

i am back in the blogoshpere...but jus to drop a comment....suprised to see this side of u..i guess till date ur best...and thank god no refernce to cigarette withdrawal attempts.....