Friday, 26 January 2007

Charan's words for me...

Well sharing the same thoughts with arvind, i dont rmember how and when i got to meet him. all i knew about him was he was this protected child of Adhy and gopal's. I used to hear stories abt him, his past, present and future.. and nothing made sense to me...

Well eventually i did get to meet this guy and back then i read a person like the way he is (though i have a learnt a lot to read a lot under the lines now). Arvind turned out to be the guy i never even imagined... no wait.....that would be an understatement.

Like i said since he was the protected child by his "father figures" i never interacted with him much.. or rather broken the wall of privacy with him.
Well time usually plays its part and i found myself alone in chennai when everybody else around me were leaving town. So like too dear brothers we decided to hang out together and thats where the story of arv and me begins...........

well when arv was studying i was working so i took up the role of his chennai gaurdian, and also his "wing man" at times during his ventures with unknown girls. We had awesome times together.. hanging out at places.. and getting to meet knew ppl, but eventually we realised.. its not always the same without ur "gang" hanging out with u.

Being his elder brother, gaurdian and wing man i was also his well wisher and a pain in the ass. If there was a guy whom i had wished all the luck (lumps in throat), all my support and want to see come out fighting as a successfull man, it was Arvind, cuz i knew the others had it in them to emerge great, but with arv it was always a walk with the crutch and i dint like it.

I tried to chisel and break away his problems.. but never realised tht i was just digging at a wall greater than the great wall of china and finally gave up, not with frustration but with sheer tiredness. Im still trying to find an under ground path into his fortress of dark secrets (ssshhhh dont tell him that!!), one day i will!. Arvind knows that i care abt him too much tht he just tries to run away from it...

What i like abt arv is that he has this hunger for knowledge. He is very knowledgeable and bookish but lacks in street smartness though (hehe i remember the times he comes up with whacko ideas abt his future and life and we guys will smack him on the head and put sense into him). Thats where his father figures and his elder brother walks in. This guy with the brains that he has got and with the wicked and the cunning demeanor can rule the world with his little finger, but rite now he certainly does not realise his potential and is walking down a different path, like they say all roads lead to Rome.. i wish he gets there fast.

Arvind and gals:

what a funny story. He thinks he is the Don juan Demarco of Chennai who has got a touch of Capt Jack sparrow and the charisma of will smith (duh!!!). This guy is good with girls.. he knows how to catch them by their throats like u taking a chiken before it gets grilled! (ooh.. gross lol!!), but he is such a kid inside which he will never realise. I just adore the way he thinks.. like everything is done in this world when i say "u know why?? cuz arvind says so!!!", well dude.. life is not that he he (dont kick me for this dude.. payback time!!!lol :))
I love the talks we have... we discuss deep and hard on human psychology and why one behaves to certain actions and reactions. We have stumbled across great revelations and have also made it a point to change our lives accordingly and the insights we come up with are just amazing. Sometimes we are even amazed by our sense of thoughts!! (great minds think alike!!! ;))

Bottom line.. this guy thinks.. he has got more grey cells than whatever normal ones.. but i just hope they are not just ash from his great smoking habits!!! lol!!!
with all my best wishes (which u know already) dude....Charan


Zennmaster said...

payback time eh bitch? funny shit though, BUT... you still don get it am don wanna be donjuan or jack I AM Donjuan and Jack... there is a differnce... =)

Zennmaster said...

And... i don have crutches its jus that i like to do things my way, may not be the right way or the shortest way and def not your way... =p