Thursday, 25 January 2007


Yea thats adhyaksh for you, and yes thats his name, though always doesn look strung out, one of the worst pictures which am sure adhy ( as people who know him on a first name basis or people who can't pronounce his name call him ) will ask me to replace it with a better looking one.
I came to know adhy in the most funniest ways, i remember gopal telling me go talk to girls and stuff and i figured let me start of by talking to guys first and so on the way back from school i find my man walking so i strike up a conversation, then we been talking about crap since then.

I still remember the initial few days when gopal, adhy and me used to hang out playing cricket and entering into heated arguments and boy did he have a caustic tongue back then and he used to come up with the most funniest shit i have heard ( but back then i was a problem child and too uptight and did not know how to have fun without getting stressed out) but then i have grown up and learnt to laugh at myself and now am in such a state around adhy that everything he says is funny ( which none of his girlfriends thought was funny ) .

Like i said i don have any father figure in my life and gopal and adhy were my father figures, and boy did i wanna be him when i was back in school, you always thought all those legends of girls throwing themselves on him were just rumors but then i have seen that in front of my eyes and the killer part is that this guy is totally oblivious to it. This guy thought the true meaning of going after what you want, and not hesistating a lest bit, i mean this guy hates losing, in anyway, be it when you are calling shotgun or the game of basket-ball at 3 in the morning.
Adhy, gopal and me have done a lot together and without their knowledge they have taught me things which i wouldn't have learnt anywhere else. I still remember my first girlfriend calling me up to have the " talk". And i have seen adhy react to all his talks with his many ex's and he is more than happy to be done with them he jus says " ok" and thats it. So i guessed thats how you are supposed to act when a girl breaks up with you jus say Ok.
Anyway there is never a dull moment when adhy is around, even when he is pissed off at something which you usually get an indication when he keeps saying " Now, this is what i don like man..." at the begining of every sentence, his scarcasm just erupts taking shape in the form of most weirdest analogies he can associate the current happenings and try and make sense of it. But this guy is cooler than ice cold he never gets angry unless you have just done something which pisses him off which is anything and everything which is not in accordance to what he said or did, which unfortunately most of the people around him tend to do.
The guy is funny, and if you are curious about his kinda funny then watch friends and whenever joey makes you laugh ( you have adhy standing there ) you get the idea, he is joey funny, come to think of it, he is joey, every bit of it. Or maybe its just me, i know i have so associated myself adhy and funny so much that its not even funny.
There was this one time ( sounds like some dumb blonde telling a shitty story aint it?? ) anyway we guys were sleeping over at my place and we were exchanging stories about all the girls in our lives and shit, and adhy used to go around with this one female who was a model, and he was telling us all the stories and shit and he concluded by saying all models are from banglore and they are damn "good". And i have this habit of setting adhy's facts straight and he always hates that, i know he hates it cos he always comes with some wise crack to counter what i said, so in anticipation of the wise-crack i said " bipasha basu" and i laughed and i continued laughing for the next 2 hours, and i still burst into hysterical laughter whenever somebody reminds me of this incident because am still waiting for adhy's wise-crack, and the real funny part is, he still doesn get it ( its totally different issue that nobody else in that room found this to be funny enough to laugh for 2 hours st and that too with varying laughs ).
If Gopal is the way i wanna think then adhy is the way i wanna live my life. Adhy always has something to say about everything ( accept it adhy ) even if he doesn know what the fuck it is all about. There is also adhy's fanatic obssession with all things chinese and branded.
Anything with chinese has to be kung-fu, anything english has to be cowboyish and anything he wants has to be branded, well even the perfect man comes with some glitches ladies. But i think adhy after watching all things macho has turned out to be one macho bugger himself. Though at times gopal and me think his cowboyishness may lean towards brokeback mountain, but am sure if you confront adhy with it, he will threaten to chop you down with his flying round kick.
Well thats Adhy for you, a kid who still wishes he was bruce-lee's son so that he could kick some mean flying kicks and isn't aware of how smart he is, actually nobody is aware how smart he is, all that smartness is veiled behind his smart dumbness ( adhy don you fucking kick me for saying this, though am sure you ll call me out for the fastest draw, and I must warn yea that i have been practising and now am being hailed as Quick Draw Mcgraw...SO BEWARE...hahahahha )

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Sricharan said...

Adhy my man is not a father figure to arv alone but to me too... he is the guy u always wanna be like.. im sure if u had met him and enjoyed his company .. this thght wld have definitely hit ur head " man wish i cld be like him"!!