Thursday, 28 December 2006

WTF ? ! ?

Yea, i had this thing about having a mohawk for quite sometime now, and i figured if i don do crazy shit like this now when will i, so throwing caution into cigarette smoke, walked into the local barber, and i told him what i wanted to do my receding hairline.
The barber i must tell you can make you feel good about yourself after a normal buzz job, or can fill you up with so much of apprehensiveness that you are not sure if you should take the next breathe of air in.
I think there are brave people and there are stupid stupid people i think i have managed to land my feet in both, i mean i am a self proclaimed " stupidly-brave" person, thats cos i tend to go through my hearts calling without actually concurring with my over eager and zealous brain cells which do a pretty good job of reminding me of how stupid i am. So after i awlk out of the salon, i feel the first rays of the sun and the first coating of dust settling into the freshly mowed patch of forest. If you are actually looking for metaphors to describe whatever you are seeing well you will come up with a million new ones each more funnier than the previous one, well let me help you get started, " it looks like the guy who built this airstripe is an absolute moron ! ! !, the grass should be on the sides not in the middle...", i like this one " this looks like the chainsaw used to cut timbers" you get the picture, well you have to its right in front of you.
Oh i totally forgot to warn you people about my really sad ass sense of humor, ask my frnds about "Bipasha basu" definitely the most hilarious jokes which have come out of this horses mouth, hey pun unintended but well it does serve the purpose, get it horse-me, nah? then get it my sense of humor is pathetic, its way beyond pathetic it is non existential, wonder where god put my sense of humor, am guessin up my ass and since you really cant see much of it either ( gross aint it... i kno) and i don have to tell you about my sad sense of fashion too, well the proof is here for you to see...
But the best part about the mohawk buzz job was, when i was crossing the road or just walking anywhere at all, you can see cars and bikes slowing down from like 80kmph to 20kmph and you can literally read their minds and almost all of them are going like " WTF" or " jeez, what was he thinking", i mean such stupidly brave excersises do leave me feeling good about myself, i mean how long can people actually jeer and sneer at you, before you know you have a fan following for this stupidly courageous act of yours and they wanna hear your story. Its like what robert de niro in taxi driver did you know, he is just pissed of at the world and he does something stupid like arming himself and then goes about killing people without realising who they are and shit and before you know there are newspaper articles profusing his brialliant act of bravery and shit and am actually thinking " WTF ! ! ! ". But yea my self confidence did go sky high cos its like the extreme form of confidence building, you are putting yourself out there, you are entering territory which you or anybody else normally wouldn't venture into, so when i heard Hypnotica ( he is a guy who practises hypnosis and has a harem of women) teaching nice guys ( other words guys who donno how to get laid) to be confident, he was talking about how he walked around an entire day with a dildo strapped to his head and walking and talking and going on with his life, i mean sure you are shit scared even imagining yourself do such a thing but the sense of liberation you get, the feeling of being comfortable you get in being in your skin is unmatched, ( ok fine i agree it can be matched by practising nudity [:p]) .
So yeah at the end of it all i did feel like a RockStar and the world is the stage... I was born on this planet to do just one thing " RULE THE WORLD ". And alrite i do agree i did not actually get to rule the world but i did have my moment in the spotlight and loved every bit of it... so till another light bulb lights up and charges my grey cells to start pumping the adrenlaine into the body to do something stupidly brave again ...Peace...

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