Thursday, 28 December 2006

Queer habits

hmm... everybody has their set of Queer habits, i know i do and thats why am writing it, brilliant aint I???

Anyway i have a list as big as-well there jus aint anything to which you can either compare it to either in the sheer # of them of in their weirdness, I think thats what makes me believe am human when everybody else says am not. Am really not into writing and shit but hey what the hell... am bored... =p

Anyway it really amazes me as to how certain people get wired out or just cant explain as to why certain people do certain things, i mean they just do it, i had a guy living in my hostel who used shuffle his feet so often like he was doing salsa or something, and the worst part was he used to try and act as if nothing happened. I mean sure if you are like dash the kid from the movie incredibles you can get away with it, you know too fast to notice kinds, but nooo this guy used to do it in slow motion sequences like in movies where the guy is actually moving really fast but he is like oooaaaaahhhh... get wat am saying... and he always managed to irked me out...

by the way i love animated movies they always make me cry... i mean sure am a guy who is supposed to be all macho and supposed to wanna do the cobra manoever in f-22s like in top gun, well i wanna do that but am proud to say that am in touch with my feminine side too, i mean how will a guy know how much macho he is if he doesn know how much sissy he is... Ok so lemme take a quick check at that,
  • lizards, forgs, snakes and rats scare the shit out of me, but cockroaches don
  • blood doesn scare me, am kinda brutal in that sense
  • i tend to hide my emotions and cry when am all alone
  • i still dig kung-fu movies though i still like romantic comedies, hmmm will say 50-50
  • though i still don't understand women's need to talk about random stuff and gossiping, don do that
  • make up a big no no, though body art does appeal to me

I figure a man is a true man when is kind of secure in his own sexuality, and I am, though am writing all this in the strong belief that not many people will read it, =p.

Coming back to my weird habits, call me an unhygenic pig but lest i need to go meet people who are not my close friends and the sun is hidden behind those damned clouds i don take a bath, i just cant stand the feeling of cold water touching my body and sending me in a momentary cardiac arrest, and since i started smoking i need my morning smoke with pepsi or coke, my mouth doesn feel the same if i don drink pepsi, sure i know the harmful effects of smoking and pepsi but when you compare it to feeling of clean teeth my combo wins hands down, the rest of you people who wanna continue this conversation can talk to my hand !

i also have this urge to add onion and curd to everything, heheh, and i think this kind of explains my unquenchable sex drive ( courtesy onions ) and my complete abhor towards fairness creams and all other beauty products, onions kind of give the crunchy sound to the food i eat.

Some of my friends have the same urge to use ketchup, jam and sugar with everything they eat, i mean sure i have eaten idli's with sugar but eating sambhar with sugar beats me... thats weird by own weird standards.

Come to think of it, what makes a man weird? who labels who as weird? i mean everybody has some weird ass habits, some are acceptable and some are not? I mean i know if i meet anybody, esp the girls first impression " what an arrogant prick" this is so hilarious, cos i know what they are thinkin and i do nothin about it, i mean who does want to talk to people who are addicted to the brilliant task of categorising people into slots... well i don have to tell them explicitly but i guess they call me an arrogant prick cos my thoughts kinda get transferred like esp or something and they know am tellin them to shove it up theirs... hehehe...

Well for me nothing is weird, cos these same weird things are what truly sepreates one from another, but what i fail to understand is the people's inner tendency to conform to norms and mediocracy, well i guess i can call myself a self proclaimed rebel without cause.

Cheers to me the rebel without a cause... ( damn you martin for stealing the title away from me )

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nisha said...

lol!!! hilarious!!! hehehe... so typically u!